About Me

Hey you! Welcome to my page.

 I'm an aspiring reporter and anchor who was born in Cali, Colombia and moved to the United States when I was 12 years old. Having migrated to this country and leaving everything behind to pursue a dream, has taught me the true value of determination and resilience. Having lived through hardships and life-changing events as an immigrant here has taught me the real meaning of strength and courage. Those are virtues I live by everyday

I have a passion for writing, communications, and storytelling. I believe in finding those people who have something great to teach the world and in telling their stories. I want to give a voice to the voiceless. The world's truth deserves to be told, and I want to be the one to tell it.

I was a staff writer at my High School's newspaper, The Eagle Eye, and wrote plenty of stories about students' needs and online learning during the pandemic. Now, I'm continuing my passion for journalism at the University of Central Florida very involved in organizations such as NAHJ as its Secretary. Along with that, I am also a reporter and anchor for my school's Hispanic webcast named Knightly Latino.

In addition, I did an internship at  Seacrest Studios from the Ryan Seacrest Foundation at Orlando Health in Spring 2023 giving kids fighting for their lives hope, and being a light for them through my journalistic work.

I also have experience with social media in things such as editing, shooting video, and scripting. I show these skills in my professional Instagram called @storieswithisa.

When I'm not doing something journalism-related, I enjoy dancing, exercising, and spending quality time with loved ones.

“The way to right wrongs is to turn the light of truth upon them”

Ida B. Wells